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Landscaping consists of almost everything outside your home:
• Correcting the grade so that low spots and water flow away from your house
• Sod installation
• Seeding lawns
• Planting shrubs and trees
• Planting beds
• Retaining walls, walkways, patios
• And so much more!

Privacy Fences

Would you like to be able to sit in your backyard and not have your neighbors looking at you? Or how about having a place for Spot to run around and a safe area for the kids to play? We have several fencing options to meet all of your needs.

Lawn Maintenance

Let’s face it! We all have such busy lives and there are many other things we would rather do then spend all weekend mowing and manicuring our lawns.  Let’s discuss what we can do to help save your time and keep that lawn looking good without all the work.

Pressure Washing

How many times do you wash your car? Many times, I’m sure, because you want it to look shiny and new. Your driveways, walkways, patios, decks and many other hard surfaces get dirty over time. Pressure washing these areas will make them look like new again.

Retaining Walls

Do you have an area in your yard that is just too steep? You can’t easily mow it and it is just wasted space. Consider letting CSI build you a wall. It will greatly improve the look of your landscape and will enable you to use that space for improving the appearance of your yard.